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Tristar Eships is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tristar Group

Tristar wins CSR Award at Maritime Standard Awards 2020

Tristar Group’s Maritime Logistics CEO Chris Peters received the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award at the Maritime Standard Awards 2020 which recognized the company’s initiative in addressing  mental health issues faced by seafarers. Tristar launched its inaugural ‘Safety at Sea’ Conference on November 10, 2019 in Dubai which was attended by more than 150 decision makers and senior officials from the Shipping Industry and remotely via livestreaming by over 500 seafarers based in India and the Philippines. It was at the event where Tristar Group CEO Eugene Mayne urged regional shipowners to address and tackle mental health issues encountered by seafarers. The Maritime Logistics team then coordinated a series of Psychological First Aid (PFA) workshops in India from December 2019 to March 2020 for senior officers and crew members. During the Covid-10 pandemic lockdown two virtual sessions were held in April 2020 for seafarers based in India. The second ‘Safety at Sea’ Conference will be held on December 9 this year via webinar.