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Day of Seafarer Activities at Sohar Port

The Coastal Team of the Maritime Logistics Division conducted three activities at Sohar Port on November 27 to celebrate the ‘Day of Seafarer’ with the theme ‘An Event for Well-being, Safety & Health of Seafarers’.  

In the morning, a combination of man overboard, fire and oil spill drill were held with the assistance of the Port of Sohar Safety and Port Control departments, Oman Coast Guard and Civil Défense, Oman Pesco (OP), and Svitzer. Crew members of Tristar Pride and Tristar AD Comet II were involved.

In the post-drill evaluation, three positive observations were noted: The Pride and AD Comet II crew members were aware of their duties and carried out as per our Emergency Response Plan (ERP); all safety gears and procedures were followed; and all reporting carried out as per port and ERP requirements.

Capt. Nazeef Siddiqui, Tristar Head of Coastal – Maritime Logistics, said regular drills and trainings will be carried out for crew members to further enhance safety and preparedness. He, along with Saji Nair, Head – Marine Services, and Aneesh Manakkathodi , Sohar Branch In-charge, met officials of the Port of Sohar and Royal Oman Police during the evening Safety and Mental Health Orientation which was attended by over 100 members and residents of the Sohar Service Jetty. Corporate Communications Senior Manager Arthur Los Banos supported the Coastal Team. 

Dr. Anushya Devi from Aster Hospital Sohar which sponsored a Health Check-up in the afternoon spoke about keeping a healthy in body and mind. Batti Al Shibli, Harbor Master – Port of Sohar, and Hashim Al Bloushi, Marine Safety Lead – Port of Sohar, thanked the Tristar Team for the whole day activities.